• Unit Choices

    These are the most common sizes requested. If you do not see what you need, or just have a question, please give us a call.

    A great option for small furniture or other items needing headroom. Surfboards, bicycles and desks are ideal, as are skis, snowboards, golf clubs and other seasonal gear you’d like accessible at a moment’s notice. Also very popular for moms-to-be who want to make room in the apartment for baby and store all those new gifts. Room for 50 boxes, as well as lawn chairs, futons and bikes. Ready to Rent?

    For the serious storage fan, this is one of our most popular sizes and the ideal solution for a temporary move or apartment staging. Mattresses and other bulky furniture fit easily inside, as do just about anything you’d find in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Need to store a bed with frame, a dresser, a kitchen table and chairs, a coffee table, a sofa, a rug, a bookshelf and a bunch of boxes? No problem. Ready to Rent?

    Another option when you have more "stuff" than you have space for! Plenty of room to hold entire rooms of furniture. If you need a place to put those unused holiday decorations or unused tools this would be perfect! Ready to Rent?

    The only choice when it’s time to go super-sized! With space for entire roomfuls of furniture and belongings, these units can serve as your home away from home – or your business away from business. Easily store everything you could fit into a one-bedroom or even a small two-bedroom apartment. In addition to accommodating your large furniture, this room will fit a full-sized dining room table and chairs, file cabinets, recliners, large storage bins and wall units. Ready to Rent?

    These giant rooms are ideal for owners of larger apartments and townhouses as well as for commercial use. Whether you need space to store corporate records, inventory, equipment, office furniture or anything else, you’ll have it all readily available – but usually out of sight. These units can also hold the equivalent of multiple bedrooms of items, construction equipment and materials, trade show items and works of art. Ready to Rent?

    These rooms are ideal for commercial use. Whether you need room for corporate records, inventory, equipment, office furniture or anything else you’d like to have readily available – but usually out of sight – we’ve got the space for you Ready to Rent?